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Travel Challenge #1: Time Zones

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Our trip started without a hitch! We arrived at Denver International Airport 5 hours early since (go figure) everyone has to work on a typical Tuesday afternoon. My brother (thanks again, Park) was the only person that could get us there anytime reasonably close to our departure time. So, we got on an earlier flight to San Francisco giving us enough time to hop on BART and pop on over to Chinatown for some great sushi before our next leg to Hong Kong.

Okay, let's review some time zones - Denver to San Francisco = Mountain Standard Time to Pacific Standard Time = -1 hours

Easy. We had that one covered.

As for the next leg, our itinerary indicated (or so we thought) that we had a 24+ hour layover in Hong Kong before leaving for Bangkok. We were pumped! We booked a hostel, made a deposit to stay for one night, scoped out our route from the airport, did research on the restaurants we wanted to check out, the whole bit. However, as we were sitting in the airport anxiously awaiting our 14 hour flight to Hong Kong, we noticed a little note next to our flight plan: "+1 day". Only then did we realize that, at that very moment, we were supposed to be checking in at Ashoka Guest House in the lovely Kowloon area of Hong Kong. Crap! Why would we think that a 14 hour flight duration would result in only a 5 hour time change...going west...leaving from the west coast? Well kids, there's a little thing called the International Date Line. New to you? Yeah, new to me too. It's actually 5 + 24 hours, which is a grand total of a 29 hour time change...thereby mistaking our 24+ hour layover in Hong Kong for a 2 hour layover, which is barely enough time to go back through security for immigration purposes and still be able to purchase that $25 bottle of airport water. Ugh.

Again, let's review - San Francisco to Hong Kong = Pacific Standard Time to...Hong Kongian Time... = +15 hours

Good lesson. I hope we keep this concept fresh in our endeavors to come.

So, as we sit here eating our "chicken cup noodle" with 3 hours and 23 minutes remaining in our flight to Hong Kong, I have a little tear that we aren't going to be able to see the city. Oh well - I'll just add it to my new list (and list of lists for that matter) of places to visit later on in life. Surely there will be plenty of such places to put on this list in the next 3 months!

More to come soon. Miss everyone already :)

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We're actually doing this??

Yes, we're actually doing this...

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Hello all! We finally made it to Colorado for a couple days of last minute preparations (literally, last minute) before we head off on our world adventures. But wait, for those of you that are feeling a little out of the loop, I'll start from the beginning:

Once the construction portion of my project was complete in Seattle, it soon became apparent that there was no more work for me. My last day was March 31st and it was a glorious day - a day in which I discovered that work is NOT the most important thing in life. Hmm, who knew? I've had a job, non-stop, since I was 15 years old and now I have the opportunity to enjoy unemployed life, travelling around the world with the greatest guy I know :) We finally have a chance to ENJOY life without the distractions of work (stress), rent (expensive), bills (overrated) and many other stressful things that make up life.

So, we finished our last responsibilities at work, took the last load to the storage unit and walked out of our house. I looked at Jaime and said, "Are we actually doing this? Moving out of our house? Leaving all of our family and friends for 4 months?!" His response was, very calmly, "Yes, we're actually doing this."

We started driving east with an eventual destination of Denver International Airport. We start flying west on Tuesday and keep heading that direction until we find Denver again on the other side. We bought 4 one-way tickets that will lead us along the approximate path shown on our travel map and we plan on updating each of you on our adventures along the way.

Cindy (Kym's Mom): "How often are you going to be able to send us an update? I think once a week works for me."

Kym: "Okay, Mom. Whatever works for you, works for me."

We will blog as often as possible taking into consideration that we will be in 3rd world countries along the way. Bhutan, for example, has only had telephone lines for the last 10 years. Blogging might be a little challenging there. But know that we will be thinking of all of you while overseas and look forward to seeing you when we return. Until then, follow us via the blog and we would love to hear from each of you too!

Take care and stay tuned!

Kym & Jaime

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